Brittani Sauer, M.A., ECSE

Brittani Sauer, M.A., ECSE


Pediatric Therapist

Brittani spent her childhood years dreaming of one day working with young children.  In the Second Grade, Brittani became very close to a classmate who had been diagnosed with Autism.  She found ways to help include him in social groups, provide needed peer interaction, and assisted him with organization.  Her passion for teaching prompted an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado in 2005.

Brittani has served in the field of education for over a decade.  She started her career as a general education, First Grade Teacher.  Brittani’s strong interest in individualizing instruction, led her to pursue a masters degree specializing in Early Childhood Special Education.  She served as an ECSE Preschool Teacher for five years.  She has extensive experience working with children on the autism spectrum, those with communication delays, and children with significant behavioral challenges.  Brittani makes relationship building a priority, helping each child to feel loved, smart, confident, and valued.      
Brittani enjoys a challenge and currently works as both a Developmental Interventionist in the home as well as serving as a Second Grade Teacher in the classroom.  Brittani is a believer in learning through play and active exploration.  She is well known for building strong partnerships with families that last well beyond the time she serves them as a therapist/teacher.  Brittani grew up in Brighton, Colorado and continues to reside there with her husband Shane and 3-year-old daughter Mollie.  During free time, Brittani enjoys reading, family camping, waterskiing, boating, fishing, ATV'ing, and scrap booking.  Brittani is a country girl at heart and wouldn't miss a Shania Twain karaoke opportunity!

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