Maria Corbae

Maria Corbae


Client Care Coordinator / Office Administrator

Maria was born and raised in Costa Rica. In 1995 her desire to travel to the United States and learn another language was inspired by the TV show Wonder Woman with Linda Carter. She wanted to be like Wonder Woman by helping those in any kind of stressful situations.

She studied English Second Language at the Bergen Community College in New Jersey. In 2003 she graduated with honors at American Business Academy in New Jersey with a certification Administrative Specialist. In 2008 moved to Colorado with her husband, their three month old baby boy and their two Chihuahuas. After three years of living in Colorado, they were blessed with a second baby boy. Currently Maria is completing her Associated Degree in Accounting at the Front Range Community College and she will be graduating in the spring of 2017. Throughout the years she has been a waitress, bank teller, payroll assistant specialist, accountant team member, interpreter, dog live saver just to name a few, she enjoys interacting with others and she is always ready for a good conversation or a good joke.

In 2013 Maria and her husband received a surprising news, both of their boys were diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. She wasted no time and started to educate herself in what is Autism, how to help her boys to succeed around the community, at school and in life and what are their legal rights. She is very passionate while advocating for her kids and also for other families with similar situations. She is an advocate for the Denver Metro Community Parent Resource and also part of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). When she is not looking for new information in conferences, seminars or at school, you most likely find her baking or cooking for her family or her friends.

Maria loves going for walks alone while enjoying a nice cold Starbucks drink, dancing in her living room with her kids, visiting her family back in Costa Rica and another passion of hers is volunteering for a dog rescue, where she fosters dogs and also does home visits to make sure that the potential adopting family meets the requirements to adopt a loving dog.

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