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Welcome to Children's Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc.

We are bonded by our love of children and our commitment to making the lives of others better. We work passionately to help each child blossom and achieve his or her ultimate potential.

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Professional Services Offered

Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. is focused on providing positive life changing therapeutic developmental experiences to children, birth to eighteen years old, with learning delays and disabilities. Our family-centered, multidisiplinary approach to childhood developmental services believes there is merit to the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” and our team of highly skilled therapists are here to become partners with you on this journey.  

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Does your child have a hard time following simple directions?

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Does your child have a difficult time interacting with peers?

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Is it a challenge to communicate with your child?



Is your child extremely shy around other children and adults?


Does your child have poor coordination and can’t sit still?


Are frequent emotional outbursts and meltdowns part of your child’s day?

Through Tisa’s hands on, one-on-one behavioral therapy with our son, we have seen a dramatic difference in his personal and social development. Our son is becoming more engaged in his world and excited to thrive with Tisa’s guidance and dedication.
— Tiffany Freeman, Parent
I have had the privilege to treat children with Tisa Van Dyke over the last several years. I am a seasoned therapist, but have learned a lot from watching her treat, and interact, with children and their families. Tisa is knowledgeable, compassionate, and so much fun.
— Jennifer Martin, M.S., CCC-SLP


For Parents & Families

Navigating the treatment process for your child does not have to be another challenge to add to your list. We know this system and how it works and will guide you through each step along the way.  You are not alone on this journey and our caring team is here to support both your child and your family.


For Professional Referrals

Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. understands that the care and support for your patient and their family is your highest priority. When you place your trust in our team to address the concerns you have identified, we take this responsibility very seriously. We are committed to work beyond your expectations to deliver the best possible treatment and support available.