To the Siblings of Children with Special Needs

Photo Credit: A Brother's Devotion to His Special Needs Sister Will Break You Down Into Tears   on  YouTube

Photo Credit: A Brother's Devotion to His Special Needs Sister Will Break You Down Into Tears on YouTube

Because we provide services for children of special needs, our focus is often (as it should be) on the child on our caseload. But what about the siblings? We found this letter to siblings of children with special needs on The Mighty that especially touched our hearts.

"Hey there,

I heard you’re the sibling to a child with special needs, and I wanted to write you a letter explaining why you have a one-up on life. I know your life might seem hard or different from your friends, but trust me, you most definitely will be more prepared for this life than anyone else. Let me explain…

I heard you deal with more than any child should. Your parents spend a lot of time away from you. You know they’re taking care of your sibling, possibly bringing him or her to the doctor. Maybe your sibling is admitted in the hospital often; your parents might be on the phone taking care of insurance business or even physically caring for your sibling. I know, my friend. You see this more often than not. You see the love your parents have for your special sibling, and it’s being embedded into your heart. You see the patience they exhibit when caring for him or her, and it’s being buried into your soul. You see that your parents never stop trying to get what your sibling needs, and it’s being ingrained into your mind. You see your parents exhaust themselves so your sibling and you are well taken care of, and you’re learning from this. You may not know it, but all of these little things are teaching you traits of how to be an amazing person."

This is just an excerpt of the entire letter. So grab a tissue and read the rest right here