20 Easy and Fun Activities to Do Outside With Your Children

Photo Credit:  HD Wallpapers

Photo Credit: HD Wallpapers

As the weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer, many of us are excited to be outside more! While going to the playground can be a great way for your kids to burn off energy, there are lots of other fun things you can do together outside!

1. Paint with water on the sidewalk, or write with chalk and then paint with water on top of the chalk.
2. Go on a bug hunt.
3. Collect leaves and look at the differences.
4. Blow bubbles (you can make your own with dish soap and water!).
5. Go on an adventure with a magnifying glass or binoculars.
6. Wash the car (or toy cars!). 
7. Have a picnic.
8. Play catch with water balloons.
9. Make a rock tower by stacking them on top of each other.
10. Bury treasure in the yard, and make a map for your kids to find it.
11. Make all-natural mud masks (or just mud pies!).
12. Explore a local community garden, or plant a garden of your own.
13. Create an obstacle course with things you find outside, or by adding hula hoops and cones.
14. Roll down hills.
15. Hula hoop.
16. Pretend to be animals and act like they would.
17. Draw pictures of things you see in your yard or neighborhood.
18. Read a book under a tree.
19. Play "I Spy".
20. Collect rocks and talk about the size, shape, and colors.