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Next Steps 


 Step One – Let’s Talk!

When you call Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc., you will speak to our knowledgeable and caring Therapy Coordinator.  The Therapy Coordinator is your personal liaison to your therapist and can answer any questions you may have during your time with us.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and learn all the ways in which we can provide services for your child.  The Therapy Coordinator will determine the next best step for your child and provide options for you as the parent. In addition, the Therapy Coordinator will help you navigate the insurance and billing process, and answer any questions you may have about how funding for services can be arranged.



Step Two- Let’s Meet

Children birth to age three will receive therapy services in the home or a natural setting they are familiar with such as a pre-school, library or local park. For children beyond age three, therapy services will be provided at our clinical office located in Northglenn, Colorado. Your child’s first therapy session will typically consist of an evaluation to better understand their strengths and weaknesses and define a set of goals to address the issues identified. At the conclusion of your first session, your therapist will go over what the treatment roadmap will look like going forward and schedule recurring therapy appointments on a preferred day and time based on your availability. Our therapists understand that your time is precious and will make every effort to accommodate the daily schedule of your family when setting up your child’s therapy schedule.


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Step Three – Let’s Watch Them Blossom!

This is the phase of the process that is really exciting to see and brings meaning to what we do each day as a pediatric therapy service company. Watching your child blossom as they take small steps toward their goals each week is incredibly rewarding and motivating. Our team of exceptional therapists will track your child’s progress after each therapy session using systematic data collection tools and evaluation techniques then analyze this information to understand how effective the current course of treatment is going. This progress will be reported to you in a brief re-cap after each therapy session and if you would like, a copy of the therapy progress note can be provided as well. We want each family to understand what we do, how we do it and why are doing it. The most effective treatment plans involve the participation of the entire family and we value your important role in the therapy process.   Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. prides itself on the quality of the therapy provided by our team and the measurable successes seen in the children we treat.  There is a reason our tagline is, “Helping Children Blossom”… it’s what we do!



Funding for Therapy Services 

Understand that Federal and State funded community service programs exist to help children just like yours! The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a United States federal law created in congress in 1986. Under IDEA, any child under three years of age who has a confirmed disability or established physical, cognitive, communication, social-emotional and/or adaptive developmental delay can get the help he or she deserves. Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. works with children from birth through adolescence. For children beyond age three, other state and federally funded programs are still available to ensure your child has access to therapy services.  

Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. has contracts with the following funding programs/agencies:

  • Medicaid
  • COAccess/CHP+
  • North Metro Community Services (Adams County)
  • Imagine! (Boulder County)
  • Envision (Weld County)
  • Rocky Mountain Human Services (Denver County)

*In addition, Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. accepts Private Pay clients


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