Christian Van Dyke Co-Founder & COO

Christian Van Dyke Co-Founder & COO


Christian has had an integral role in the creation and administration of Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. since its inception in 2006 but it wasn’t until 2012 that he decided to part ways with his corporate career and embrace the role of Chief Operating Officer for the company full-time as his new calling. This new venture turned out to be an excellent move as his prior experience in finance as a seasoned business executive, manager and commercial banker aligned perfectly with the needs of Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. and its early growth stage at the time. Like many small business owners Christian wears many hats, currently serving as a strategic business developer, finance manager, compliance officer and marginal HR administrator. 

Christian has long been inspired by his wife Tisa’s vision for what Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado, Inc. could become. Now Christian has the privilege to help shape and lead the team that is responsible for bringing this vision into reality. What the early vision for Children’s Therapy Services of Colorado ultimately becomes is still unfolding but along the way, not a day goes by that Christian is not inspired by the challenges to build a better company and moved to do something meaningful that will make a difference in the lives of others. 

When not helping steer the ship, Christian enjoys spending down time with his wife and two children exploring the beautiful mountains of Colorado and locales off the beaten path. As a former fly fishing guide, Christian is still pulled to the water’s edge and is in his element when on a boat, near the ocean or knee-deep in a river waving a stick, trying to trick fish into eating feathers.

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